Best-of-breed hardware solutions and support to grow your 3D business

Worldwide Service & Support

By leveraging our experienced team of technicians and well-established depot centers in the United States and Europe, we are uniquely qualified to support 3D resellers and vendors with their technology initiatives and operations.

Expert support and fast shipping for when you need help yesterday.

As a 3D reseller, fast response times and reliable shipping are key to your business. That’s why our depot is centrally located in Louisville, KY to get you your equipment as soon as you need it, no matter where you are – and a US-based support team to give you the help you deserve.

As a 3D reseller you will receive:

  • Fast response times
  • Prompt and reliable shipping
  • US-based help-desk
  • Product and equipment demos
  • In-person and virtual support
Become a 3D Reseller

Grow your footprint with our best-of-breed services

Growth is the name of the game. With our deployment services, expand into the North American market and facilitate marketing and sales efforts for your resellers.

As a 3D vendor you will receive:

  • Expansion to emerging markets
  • Marketing and sales support for resellers
  • Deployment services
    • Procurement
    • Stocking
    • Deployment and installation
Become a Vendor