Channel distribution services to expand your market in North America

As a channel distribution service partner, we devote our expertise in technology to partnering with resellers and manufacturers in order to reach every partnersā€™ full potential in a competitive market.

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Customized End to End Solutions for Your Channel

We are the only channel distribution services company in technology that offers customized services as a program for every partner. Use only what you need. Custom programs ensure that your business and your customers are fully-supported.

Vendor Specific Services

  • Standard and Customized Inventory Management
  • Stock Standard and Customized Products
  • Help Desk Support
  • Drop Ship Services
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Reseller Specific Services

  • Warranty Repairs
  • Out-of-Warranty Repairs
  • Customized Extended Warranties
  • On-site Installation
  • On-site Repairs
  • On-siteĀ Training
  • Online Training
  • Help Desk Support
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