Preconfigured devices and next day shipping

Technology deployments of any size take careful planning and execution. Our methodology ensures devices are properly configured, tested and shipped so customers can have a ready to use solution right out-of-the-box.

Wholesale hardware deployment services

Golden Image Development

We work with you to develop a standard image for all devices deployed. By managing backup files of your customer’s configuration settings and software applications, we’re able to service and deploy devices quickly, and without error.

Staging & Configuration

Devices are always staged with the appropriate accessories and configured to the proper OS and network settings. These services can be done at both a customer and site level to ensure a working solution as soon as it hits the user’s hands.

Quality Control

Before a device is shipped, our technicians perform a sequence of tests to identify any issues before it leaves our facility. We even have simulated test environments that can provide proof of concept before we deploy your solution.

Packaging & Shipping

Once devices have been tested, our shipping team boxes the hardware with compatible accessories, batteries, charging cables and supplies. We even offer laser-etched engravings on certain hardware and custom-branded packaging depending on your needs.