3D Printing

InDemand's 3D distribution services are designed to help expand your brand's reach with increased efficiency.

We’ve dedicated our passion and expertise to help 3D resellers and vendors understand the true potential of disruptive technology and how it can positively impact customers across verticals you already own.

Whether you’re a 3D vendor looking for a distribution partner, or a 3D reseller that needs to expand the services that you already provide to your customers, InDemand can help.InDemand offers industry knowledge and best-of-breed hardware solutions with plenty of support to grow your 3D business. As a strategic partner, InDemand will work closely to help you reach new markets and expand your current 3D offerings across the channels you serve today.

By leveraging InDemand’s experienced team of technicians and well-established depot centers in the United States and Europe, we are uniquely qualified to support 3D resellers and vendors with their technology initiatives and operations. We’ve spent over 22 years perfecting the art of technology acquisitions, deployments, and field services in the mobile computing and AIDC space. Now we’re applying that same level of expertise to 3D printing technology through a platform any 3D reseller or vendor can appreciate.


Brands We Offer

InDemand is currently the sole, trusted distributor for Leapfrog 3D printers: Bolt Pro and XceL.  Leapfrog, based in Europe, are renowned for their cutting-edge hardware and software compatibility in 3D printing. From printers and materials to service and support plans, InDemand takes care of everything you’ll need to successfully add Leapfrog to your product line.

As a Leapfrog distributor in the United States and Canada, we work with reseller partners to help them grow their 3D business. You’ll be fully prepared with access to all of Leapfrog’s proprietary resources, from technical operations to creative design samples your customers will love. With InDemand, you get industry leading technology and technical expertise all from a single source.


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