Two years ago, Lavu’s competing vendor did not live up to their promise to fulfill Lavu’s IT needs. Both businesses and their customers suffer in the end when it comes to slow and unreliable WiFi connectivity. It was time for them as a business to seriously consider their pain points regarding the current vendor’s deployment and installation services. We simply offered Lavu a menu of fully managed solutions and took the time to put together a custom plan that filled in their IT gaps and fit their budget. Communication makes all the difference with large scale deployments and Lavu’s specific concerns around wireless support gave our engineers and technology experts at InDemand a clear picture of the right solution: a great pricing model, unbeatable customer service and high quality, custom work. We continue to make Lavu feel and look like rockstars in front of their customers. As wireless roll-out experts with in-house engineers and hundred of field technicians across North America, we understand the struggle of installing POS systems and know where our competition as vendors fall short. We bring our partners value as a reseller by filling in technical gaps to ensure customers the best experience while businesses focus on what they do best.