End-to-end installation services that get your technology up and running without a hitch

Three steps to a smooth information technology system installation. We start by surveying your site. Once we have site specifications nailed down we physically install the required system. Then we test the installation against our specific testing protocols.

Wholesale installation services

Step 1

Site Survey

Whether it’s a wireless network or point of sale system, conducting a site survey is the first step in any installation process. Site surveys help our field techs determine facility readiness and remediate any issues that could impact the installation.

Step 2

On-Site Installations

We have seasoned field techs in every major city in North America who are ready to complete or assist with your installation needs. Each tech is professionally trained to drive good project charters and make sure installations are completed on-time and within budget. We even offer the option of training your own technicians on-site.

Step 3

On-Site Testing

Nothing is worse than finding out your customer’s technology isn’t working, especially if these systems were just installed. We strive to make you look good in front of your customer, which is why our techs will never leave a site until everything is properly tested and fully operable.