The Business Insider video focuses on how your neighbors are ruining your WiFi. With net neutrality looming over an increasing urban dwelling population, access to the internet has become a coveted commodity, even outside of the 63% of the world’s population that doesn’t even have internet. Directed towards city dwellers specifically, the post outlines how a bad WiFi connection affects aspects of daily life, from job applications that are timed to fast-paced global news and social media posts. If your customers are unhappy with slow or delayed WiFi in homes or apartment complexes, it could be their neighbors. While telecom providers give them their own networks, devices could easily share the same channel with others, causing other devices to interfere with theirs. While fixing this issue is an easy with password changes, the actual installation and upkeep of WiFi in urban spaces shouldn’t be a headache for telecom providers. Leave the day-to-day IT managements to experts. Constantly changing passwords doesn’t always fix slow WiFi and could give providers another list of complaints. Contact us for fully-managed Wi-Fi installation that will last longer than your customer’s neighbors.