While the pre-digital systems in healthcare were always a security risk with confidential information, complex wireless infrastructures come with their own vulnerabilities. Security breaches threaten both the healthcare facility and patient data. Healthcare especially has become a target for hackers with breaches at an all-time high. According to the Bitglass 2017 Healthcare Breach Report, 328 healthcare companies were hit by data breaches in 2016 and 16.6 million Americans were affected. On the other hand, research also shows that breaches are easily avoided with proper installation and maintenance that add up to a secure network. Secure data is critical to healthcare organizations, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets out exactly what makes WiFi networks compliant and secure. One of the most critical features required is having a separate, private network with physically secure access points.This means security from the start, trusted field technicians and comprehensive maintenance. Telecom providers can offer security benefits to healthcare customers with our fully-managed WiFi. Operational responsibilities are in the hands of our experts and off your plate. If managed WiFi sounds like something you can offer your healthcare clients to avoid the high rates of security breaches that plague their industry. Give them improved customer engagement and loyalty without the day-to-day technology headaches. Reach out to us to stand behind you for fully managed WiFi and monthly pricing to fit your budget.

Source: https://www.centurylinkbrightideas.com/wi-fi-security-in-healthcare/