Asset Reclamation

Did you know over 180 devices are purchased every minute through online auctions? With InDemand, we help businesses get the most out of decommissioned equipment by facilitating auctions on the customers behalf. Whether they’ve upgraded their device population and need to get rid of the old ones or they’re trying to salvage broken equipment, InDemand can help determine marketability and bring in top-dollar by hosting a private auction.

Safe and Secure
Prior to the auction, InDemand will remove proprietary data on each device so as to minimize the risk of theft. Data will then be inventoried and securely stored for customer use.

Get the Most From Your Devices
To maximize the value of sold devices, InDemand will strategically select the volume of equipment being sold and the number of qualified bidders.

Never Lift a Finger
Not only do we host auctions on the customers behalf but we’ll package and ship the equipment to the highest bidder so the only thing they’ll have to worry about is getting paid.