Depot Repair Services

When a device breaks, all your customers have to do is submit a repair ticket through InDemand’s LifeCycle Portal and they will receive a new, pre-configured device within 24 hours. Using the box the device arrives in, and the pre-printed return shipping label, they can easily ship the broken device back to us for repair - free of charge.

Clean-Room Repairs

Within our Operations Depot Centers is a self-contained building called the Clean-Room, where the air is circulated through filtered vents to prevent any possible contamination of your customers’ electronic connections during repair.

One Central Location

The U.S. LifeCycle Operations Depot Center is located in Louisville, KY, right next door to Motorola’s repair center. However, we also offer a wide range of repair services within our own facilities in the U.S. as well as Europe.

Single Point of Contact
With the LifeCycle Portal your customers will always have one consistent process and toolset for managing all their devices. They will also always have a single location to ship any of their devices for repair and next-day replacement.