Get the most out of decommissioned hardware

End of life services are often overlooked by technology vendors and their customers

Our asset reclamation methodology ensures that devices and data are safely and securely decommissioned for you and your customers. Whether there is an upgraded device population that requires businesses to get rid of the old technology, or there are broken assets that need salvaging, our services determine marketability and bring in top dollar for equipment that is no longer needed.

As technology continues to advance, product life cycles become shorter and more retired devices need to be managed.

Data Wiping

Once hardware reaches the end of its life cycle, your customer’s data will remain safe and secure. We remove proprietary data on each device and minimize the risk of theft. We also inventory the data and securely store it for customer use.

Disposal & Recycling

While there are countless ways one can dispose of electronics, we make sure each device is recycled in an environmental friendly manner. We also take the burden of navigating federal standards and hefty fines off of your plate since our process is EPA compliant.


Most outdated hardware can be refurbished and redeployed for other tasks. Our redeployment services help companies find ways to save money by outfitting old hardware to perform duties where the most up-to-date device isn’t always required to perform the job.


We help facilitate live auctions for customers looking to get rid of their devices. By strategically selecting the volume of equipment to be sold and the number of qualified bidders, customers will always get top dollar. We even package and ship the equipment to the highest bidder so you don’t have to.