End-to-end network deployment

With InDemand’s deployment services, we’ll make sure your customers always have a working solution right out-of-the-box.

Every business has different requirements for the devices they deploy

With InDemand’s deployment solutions, we can quickly service and deploy their devices without errors. Our custom deployment services give ISVs, OEMs, Telecom providers, and 3D print companies the ability to free up internal resources while we handle golden image development, staging & configuration, quality control, and packing & shipping.

We are your partner with decades of experience supporting some of the largest tech providers in the world.

Minimize downtime with preconfigured devices & next-day delivery

We operate behind the scenes as your personal support to ensure that all of your business and your customers’ needs are met during every stage of your technology rollouts, making you look like rockstars in front of your customers.

Golden Image Development

We work with you to develop a standard image for all devices deployed. By managing backup files of your customer’s configuration settings and software applications, we’re able to service and deploy devices quickly, and without error.

Staging & Configuration

Devices are always staged with the appropriate accessories and configured to the proper OS and network settings. These services can be done at both a customer and site level to ensure a working solution as soon as it hits the user’s hands.

Quality Control

Before a device is shipped, our technicians perform a sequence of tests to identify any issues before it leaves our facility. We even have simulated test environments that can provide proof of concept before we deploy your solution.

Packaging & Shipping

Once devices have been tested, our shipping team boxes the hardware with compatible accessories, batteries, charging cables and supplies. We even offer laser-etched engravings on certain hardware and custom-branded packaging depending on your needs.