The largest tire retailer in the world required a nationwide wireless rollout. InDemand successfully setup 1,000 locations in 16 weeks. Large scale customer dissatisfaction prompted the nationwide tire chain to look into a platform that delivers large scale inventory management and visibility of all products in-store. The most obvious missing piece in flawed inventory management systems is usually flawed wireless infrastructure. Retailers need consistent wireless connectivity to collect and manage data on their products. Without a solid IT infrastructure, inventory management systems cannot work, especially at that scale. When we began negotiations for such a large scale rollout, the company of over 18,000 employees and billions of dollars of annual business could not continue to lose ROI and customers over missing or incorrect inventory. During initial negotiations, we quickly realized that with the scale of the solution that was needed, we were perfect for the job. Simply put, they were at the infancy stage of learning about what technology can do for their business. Working closely together through what each stage of what providing fully managed WiFi would look like, we were able to set expectations up front, clearly communicate throughout the project and be responsive to custom needs while verifying that every step was done correctly. By taking the time to sit down and discuss all the details before setting foot in the stores, installation and deployment was completed smoothly and quickly.